Tuesday, September 7, 2010

introducing: the iriver Cover Story

If you were one of the many visitors of the iriver booth at this year's IFA trade show, you probably already found out about our newest addition to the iriver family. The Cover Story is a brand new e-book reader and the first full touch screen reading device develped by iriver. With a stunning 6" e-ink display and only 280g of wheight, this multifunctional device is the highlight for all visitors of the iriver exhibition at the IFA. The Cover Story will be available in a wifi and a non-wifi version and features great new applications like a built-in dictionary, memos and snapshots, handwritten notes and remarks in all your ebooks as well as the traditional iriver apps like voice recording or a high-quality mp3 player. 16 supported languages makes the Cover Story the most international e-book reader on the market and the design speaks for itself. More pictures after the jump.

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