About Cover Story

About iriver
Iriver, the international digital device power house, proves its technology and design leadership with a selection of advanced new lifestyle products.
Since its founding in 1999, iriver has become renowned for its award-winning product innovation and track record of market leadership.
The company’s ever expanding digital product lines include : Multimedia Devices (MP3, MP4, PMP, Network devices, Navigation products and E-book readers).

About the iriver Cover Story
iriver proudly presents Cover Story, the second generation of Story with improved portability and user interface. Although the display comes in the same size of 15.24cm (6-inch), without a keyboard, it has the ideal size and weight for one-handed use. In addition, an 8-grayscale e-ink display on a 15.24cm screen recreates the same appearance as printed paper.

iriver Cover Story Features
Ebook / Newsreader Device: supports .ePub, .pdf, .xml and .html files
MS Office File Viewer: supports .txt., .doc, .ppt, and .xls files
Comic Book Viewer: supports .zip-archives of .jpg, .bmp and .gif-files
Portable Music Player: supports .mp3, .wma and .ogg files
Voice Recorder: records in mp3-format (32, 96 and 132 kbit/s quality)
Connectivity: USB 2.0, Wifi (802.11b/g) (depending on model)
email application (pop3 & gmail) (wifi model only)
access to online bookstore (wifi model only)
text memo
supports 17 languages

Technical Specifications
Display: 6" (800x600) E-ink touch screen, 8 grayscales
Storage: 2GB built-in
SD Slot Expansion: supoorts up to 32GB (SDHC)
Input Method: touch screen, page buttons & stylus
Battery: 11.000 page turns or over 30 hrs of music
Audio In: built-in microphone
Audio Out: 3.5mm earphone jack port
Size: 16,82cm x 12,6cm x 0,95cm (without the cover)
Weight: 10oz. (282g)