Friday, May 28, 2010

ebooks vs audio books vs podcasts

One of the unique features of the iriver Story is the built-in mp3 player. While many of us may use the Story for reading purposes only, the mp3 player feature really starts to make sense when you think about using it for audio books and podcasts. Imagine listening to a lecture (which many universities and evening schools already have available as downloads) and being able to read along the books or looking at sheets and graphs the lecture is referring to at the same time, all while you're on the train or in the park. Or imagine doing a language course where you will definitely need both, audio and text for better learning and understanding. What makes it even more comfortable are the easy to use navigation buttons that help to rewind, forward, stop, play and change the volume of your audio file without having to leave the book you're currently reading. In my opinion this is where the iriver Story shows its real strength and with iriver being one of the worldwide powerhouses for mp3 players, you know that the quality of this feature is excellent as well.

Creating folders on the iriver Story

Did you know that it's easy and comfortable to create subfolders on your iriver Story to sort books and all other files the way you want to have them? Have a look at the (I admit, a little poor) photo of my Story for an example on how to categorize your files. I split the books into languages and genres, you might even wanna go further and create folders for your favorite authors or your classes at university for example.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

iriver Story Carrying Case

Here's something that I mentioned on our official Twitter account yesterday: I really recommend this carrying case for the iriver Story. Not only for the fact that the look of it perfectly fits the design of the Story itself, it also comes with a matching EVA bag that helps you keep the Story clean and safe and allows you to take important documents, flight tickets, your headphones or business cards with you. It also might be a nice and easy option to customize the look of your iriver Story by inserting photos or memorabilias. Check out the pictures after the jump to get a full impression.