Tuesday, September 28, 2010

german "test" magazine rates iriver Story

This is brand new on the newsstands for everybody in Germany. The highly renowned "test" magazine has taken a closer look on all e-book readers that are currently on the german market, including the iriver Story. I'm not really surprised but very happy to see the iriver Story come in at a very close second place (with a tie in quality and tech spec ratings with the #1 spot). This should be very helpful for the launch of iriver's touch screen e-reader "Cover Story" which will be available in Germany in only a few days from now.

"Test" magazine and the publishing company behind it ("Stiftung Warentest") is highly influential on the german market and can boost product sales as well as destroy it, especially when they find out that products are dangerous, of poor quality or not suitable. More pictures after the break.

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