Wednesday, May 26, 2010

iriver Story Carrying Case

Here's something that I mentioned on our official Twitter account yesterday: I really recommend this carrying case for the iriver Story. Not only for the fact that the look of it perfectly fits the design of the Story itself, it also comes with a matching EVA bag that helps you keep the Story clean and safe and allows you to take important documents, flight tickets, your headphones or business cards with you. It also might be a nice and easy option to customize the look of your iriver Story by inserting photos or memorabilias. Check out the pictures after the jump to get a full impression.


  1. I live in Australia, and it's impossible to find anyone who's got these cases in stock here.

    I'd really like to look at one up close, because - to be honest, they look really flimsy, and not like something I'd want to trust the safety of my Story to. I only have Internet photos to go on, but they just look like a bit of a vinyl held closed with a rubber band. I don't mean to sell them short, but that's not my idea of a protective case for an electronic device.

    Anyway, I'm not trying to rubbish them, just express some concern and feedback. Could you maybe do a feature where we can see a few photos up close and really get an idea of what we get if we order one?


  2. Hi Bran, thanks for your feedback and the ideas. We will do a new post very soon with more detailed pictures of the case with and without the EVA bag to give you a full impression of all features and the looks. In the meantime, maybe you want to check out this new video we posted: That might be able to help as well. What you should need to know is that there's a plastic case that protects the device. This plastic case can be used with or without the EVA bag which is the vinyl you were referring to.