Friday, May 28, 2010

Creating folders on the iriver Story

Did you know that it's easy and comfortable to create subfolders on your iriver Story to sort books and all other files the way you want to have them? Have a look at the (I admit, a little poor) photo of my Story for an example on how to categorize your files. I split the books into languages and genres, you might even wanna go further and create folders for your favorite authors or your classes at university for example.

This is how you do it: When connecting your Story with your computer (works with PC and Mac), just go into the main folder (e.g. books, comics, music) that you would want to create a sub folder in and proceed just the way you would do it on your computer. Afterwards, move the files according to the way you would want to sort them. When you go back into the menu of the Story you will still have all books listed alphabetically when you go into the book section, but when you open up the "My Folder" directory, you will have the folder structure the way you sorted it.

Just a little idea that I thought would be great to share with other iriver Story users. Have a nice weekend!


  1. Hello,
    do you know how to turn off or change the pictures of the screen saver?
    I deleted the images i expected to be stored in epub image files and tried to put images (.bmp, .png) into these folders. It didn't work. I haven't tried to replace the files with my own epub-image files. ¿Any idea?
    I guess i can save energy and the screen by using images with little black pixels or just train vocabulary...

  2. ... that it would be nice to have a alarm function in the diary and html-files support on the Story.

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