Sunday, January 9, 2011

iriver Story HD versus Amazon Kindle

Here's a preview of 'Story HD', our upcoming e-reader.
Take a closer look at its amazing XGA resolution! It comes with a video comparing to the 3rd-gen Kindle!
Find out the difference yourself!


  1. I find it very hard to get excited about new releases from iRiver, when - as far as software development goes - it's abandoned its two previous devices and not fixed their on-going problems. Why are existing customers supposed to cheer yet another orphan in the iRiver ereader family?

  2. Aonaran56, could you please list the problems? I am currently looking to buy an ebook reader and don't know whether to go for Kindle or iRiver. The first is not available in this country and I have to use online tricks to order the device and the content which I am not totally comfortable with. So if I know what problems iRiver Cover Story has it will help a lot with my decision making. Thanks a lot.

  3. Dear Aonaran56 and Azita,
    iriver's doing our best to give you better sotfware firmwares. We hope to give you more satisfying news in the future. Please look forward to our afterward actions, We plan to continue our business in the 'EBook reader' market and bring leadership in that field.
    Than you.

  4. Is the iRiver Story HD compatible with MacOSX system?

  5. I just got the iRiver Story HD and I LOVE IT!! Everywhere I go I see people complaining about it saying it's ugly or its buttons are too hard to press - oh whinge, whinge. Seriously, this device is small, a good shape - easy to hold, the buttons are stiff, yes, but I like that - it actually makes it easier for me to use it and know what I'm typing. The display on it is amazing. The page turns are fast, it is fully integrated with Google ebookstore and connects very easily to WiFi. The battery life is incredible on it. It is easy to transfer ebooks you already have onto the device and it's 2GB storage holds 1400 books (I'm pretty sure) and then you have the option of adding up to another 32GB with an SD card.

    The only thing I'm having trouble with at the moment is finding a case for it to protect it a bit!

    I'm sure this new ereader will be just as good if not better. For all the insanely picky people out there - you have a fan in me, iRiver!

  6. To kayjaybee: if you want a case for your device, you can buy a kindle 3 case that has the same size