Thursday, July 8, 2010

Using the Story's leather case

This is a nice little demo video for the brown leather case for the iriver Story.

 Again, the specifications are:
 1) Color : Brown
 2) Material : PU/Plastic/Band
 3) Size: 150*220*15(mm)


  1. Does anyone know where these covers can be bought by an Australian?

    The distributors of iRiver here in Australia seem unable to get any supply of either these or the white model, and the iRiver website in Korea won't sell to anyone outside that country.

    I really don't want the screen damaged for lack of a cover.

  2. Hi Brain,
    below is the contact point of the sales dealer in Australia.
    They can give you specific information of the place & price.
    Thank you for using STORY again. Hope you enjoy it.

    Attn : Mr. Katzenschlager & Mr. Koestner
    Play Art Multimedia Handels GmbH
    Dürne 76 | 6842 Koblach | Austria
    T +43 5523 62365-31 | F +43 5523 62365-4 |

  3. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, you've given me the address for Austria, not Australia.

    But I've been in touch with the distributors for iRiver here in Australia, and they're not interested in bringing the brown covers into the country. And I haven't found anywhere online that's willing to sell to someone in Australia.

  4. Will this cover fit the iRiver story HD?